Can you stay in a house with black mold?

The best place where we can find real security is our own house. Here, we spend most of our time eating, sleeping, and doing some self-care or family-related activities. Having a shelter that offers great protection and lifestyle is a must-have for each person.

However, there are inevitable irritants that grow inside our house and may risk our own health. An example of an irritant is Black Mold, a type of toxic fungus that thrives in moist environments and can pose serious human health issues.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to know the ways to mitigate black molds. Given the situation that your house is already infected, there are several black mold removal services you can acquire.

Can you stay in a house with black mold?

What is Black Mold? – Brief Description

Black mold or stachybotrys chartarum is a blackish-green spot or blemish that you find on the surfaces of your home. It grows in areas that are highly damp or rich in cellulose. Examples of such surfaces are drywall, fiberboard, and gypsum board. Since it is highly attracted to water, you can also find black mold in areas with water damage or flooded places.

How does black mold grow in your house?

You may not notice it easily but black molds have many ways to get inside your house. They are commonly compared to a hitchhiker because it tries to get inside your house through clothes, pet fur, or air ventilators.

Here is a list of the most common entryways of black molds.

  1. Dust circulation through air ventilation, open windows, or doorways can invite molds into your home. Although this is less likely to happen if your place is not too humid.
  2. Objects such as carpets, rugs, clothing, shoes, and even pet fur can encourage the formation of molds especially when your house is frequently dirty.
  3. Areas rich in wet cellulose or moisture can provide enough nutrients for mold growth. Examples are:
  • Areas with leakages or water seepage
  • Floors that experience flooding
  • Rooms or corners where air does not circulate properly (e.g. behind a piece of furniture or your basement)
  • Wet wallpapers, cardboards, or any wooden part of your house.

Common Signs of Black Mold Infestations

The visibility of black molds depends on their growth. Sometimes you can detect them when you notice black to green spots on specific moist areas in your house. Other times, you will feel some health issues that manifest through flu-like symptoms.

Specifically, black mold exposure can cause you to have:

  • Persistent allergic reactions (eg. runny nose, wheezing, and eye irritation)
  • Nausea or Headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fever

On the other hand, your house can show some signs as well. If you notice the following, you need to call an expert to remove the mold.

  • Musty odor
  • Visible black blemishes
  • Several damage to household items

Health Problems you can have from black molds

Black mold can cause serious health problems to humans. Initially, it will show symptoms of wheezing, sneezing, or watery eyes which we normally ignore at first.

Ignoring such symptoms will eventually lead to respiratory health issues such as:

Lung Issues

Mold growth allows unstable organic compounds to circulate in the air and produce irritants, allergens, and mycotoxins. These toxic substances are highly sensitive to human lungs which can cause breathing problems, asthma, and chronic lung conditions.

Long exposure to black molds can lead to serious lung conditions such as bronchial or fungal infections.


Black molds can trigger allergies in someone who has a very sensitive nose or lungs. Since molds encourage an increase in dust and airborne substances, people exposed are likely to have symptoms of:

  • Reddish or watery eyes
  • Persistent sneezing or runny nose
  • Itchy nose and throat
  • Difficulty in breathing


Aspergillosis is a type of health issue brought by Aspergillus (a type of mold). There are four types of aspergillosis:

  1. Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA)
  2. Chronic pulmonary aspergillosis
  3. Aspergilloma or fungus ball
  4. Allergic Aspergillus Sinusitis

The main targets of this disease are those people with poor lung conditions and weak immune systems.

How to prevent Black Mold in your house?

Don’t wait for black molds to evidently appear in your house! There are several preventive measures you can take to avoid the risk of mold infestations.

Here are the top 10 Preventive Measures you can do to discourage Black Mold growth in your house.

  1. Keep your drainage system clean and intact.
  2. Repair leaks immediately.
  3. Clean rooms vulnerable to water collection
  4. Use anti-fungal products when cleaning.
  5. Frequently open windows for proper air circulation.
  6. Wash your dirty clothes and shoes regularly.
  7. Make sure to clean your rugs and carpets as well.
  8. Clean your air conditioner regularly.
  9. Discard old paper or wooden products.
  10. Always change furnace filters every two months.

The Bottom Line – Safest Way to Deal with Black Mold

Black mold is a dangerous irritant that doesn’t only jeopardize the structure of your house but puts your health at risk as well. You must put a halt to their growth as soon as you can. However, black mold removal is not an easy task. One must be strategic and careful to avoid risking your own health.

There are three important steps you should take if your house is affected by mold growth.

  1. Call a professional mold removal service
  2. Consult a doctor and have yourself a quick check-up
  3. Go to a local hardware store and buy antifungal paints or products to prevent molds from coming back.

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