It’s difficult to spot mold growth, as often, the only indication in many spaces is the presence of structural degradation and gradual discoloration. For microparticles such as molds, detection can become a tricky business that requires urgent concern.

There are many causes of mold growth to any property, such as water damage. Mold growth and water damage go hand in hand and affect each other vice versa. Growing molds become evidence of water damage, yet on the other hand, water damage can invite mold growth.

No matter, growing molds can be challenging to detect as they can breed in various spaces. It’s necessary to get professional help to attend to mold issues in homes and businesses.

Mold infestation: the definition

The first question to ask is this, what is mold infestation?”

Molds are growing fungi that thrive in moisture and enclosed spaces. Different kinds of molds present can grow in any structure. They come from species of fungi that develop in selected environmental conditions every day. Molds are natural, but they become a problem for spaces like homes and commercial settings.

Infestation means, “the presence of an unusually large number of insects or animals in a place, typically so as to cause damage or disease.” 

Mold infestation means there are large colonies of mold present that result in a lot of destruction and severe health conditions. Upon clear signs of mold infestation, it’s best to deal with the root of the problem and repair the damages at once.


Causes of mold infestation

These large groups of molds don’t come at once. These specimens breed until they become visible colonies to the naked eye. Some factors benefit mold development, and these are:

High levels of moisture

The top cause of mold infestation is moisture. Any damp space or wet sources are prone to grow molds when people don’t deal with the problem immediately. Water becomes a means of spreading and growth for small mold colonies, then becoming large mold colony infestations in spaces.

It’s impossible to see mold particles with normal vision, as these specimens are microorganisms that love to settle in narrow spaces. From damaged grout caulks in the shower up to abandoned leaky attics on any property, these molds start to form fast in household areas with constant water presence.

Lack of maintenance

When there are impending conditions that stimulate mold growth, the lack of maintenance becomes a cause of the breeding molds. Damaged spaces and properties that don’t have regular maintenance are highly ideal for molds.

Repairs should become a priority as water damage results in more moisture in homes and buildings. Lest you want to grow molds that can affect the integrity of rooms or systems, book regular schedules for maintenance. It’s the only way to prevent the potential of these colonies from turning bigger and becoming more dangerous.

Effects of mold infestation

While mold infestations come from moisture and lack of maintenance, the effects are detrimental. Prevention of mold infestations is better than dealing with the consequence of severe mold presence. It doesn’t matter if you are in a moldy office or an open space home; molds are one of the specimens that only need simple requirements to thrive.

Severe health concerns

The most vital thing that mold colonies effect is the health conditions of people who frequent a moldy space. Mold colonies produce spores that move and settle anywhere. Imagine finer dust particles that anyone can inhale and ingest.

Elderly and children are the most prone individuals that can experience the effects of molds. People with current respiratory conditions may result in worse conditions and declining health due to inhalation of spores. Intense allergic reactions can take place for people who are under constant exposure to moldy areas.

The situation becomes more prominent in building systems that make use of damaged and unmaintained ventilation systems. Commercial spaces have HVAC systems that can grow molds and essentially spread these spores through air vents and large air conditioner units throughout the layout.

Degrading structural integrity

Water damage can result in catastrophic consequences to properties. On top of water damage, growing molds can take over damaged areas and weaken the structure of the place. The presence of molds can quickly worsen the already damaged conditions of structural integrity.

You may be familiar with discolored walls and green cotton-like colonies growing. Most owners fail to inspect the other side or the inside of these damaged structures more prone to producing molds. Urgent repairs from water damage and mold damage are necessary to preserve structures. Materials such as wallpapers, wood, cellulose materials, fabric, drywalls support mold growth.

Professional services in the area

For all problems with molds coming from water damages, professionals are present in the area. We are Spark Restorations, and we offer experts who can tackle and take out the causes and effects of severe mold infestations.

We are here to offer water damage restorations and mold removals so you can prevent the chance of molds taking over structural damages. Our team of professionals has a wide range of experience in dealing with these moldy concerns.

We are not strangers to various types of molds. No matter the size and condition of your household, it’s never too late to inquire with us for a restoration job.

The last thing you want is to have a home or business that’s not safe. The simplest methods, coupled with the best technologies and equipment, can turn your space free of molds. All people should live in mold-free interiors to be safe and healthy.

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